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Frequently Asked Questions

Organising your special day can be extremely stressful and time consuming. At Abbey Rolls, we have tried to make the process just a little simpler by compiling the most frequently asked questions for wedding and vintage car hire.

If you do not see your question here, get in touch and one of our expert team members will be glad to serve you.

1. Which cars might suit larger bridal / wedding parties?

Vintage cars are great for weddings. They are classy and can easily make your special day memorable. Unfortunately, many of them are very small and only suitable for small parties. Vintage cars were mostly developed to sit three people. If you are planning a larger bridal party, you might consider booking our Lincoln limousine or the quirky, wedding-reformed London taxi. Both these vehicles can seat upwards of five people. Alternatively, if you prefer to stick with the subtle, vintage aesthetic, you might prefer the classic Daimler Limousine which seats 7 passengers. For even larger parties, some of our other vehicles are outfitted in matching cream coachwork. So hiring two matching vehicles will still look impressive and uniform.

2. Is it possible to view the cars prior to booking?

Yes, you can view the cars prior to booking. You just need to contact us via email or telephone in order to book an appointment. We have listed all our offers on our official website, so you can also specify which car you want to view but we would love to work with you to arrange the transportation for your special day.

We will be sure to respond promptly with information on where you can view our vehicles. You should note that we serve customers from the South East region and are unable to provide viewings further afield. We are based in Surrey with close access to the A3 and A24.

3. Do all cars come with a chauffeur?

Yes. All of our hired cars will be driven by one of our qualified drivers. Chauffeurs will be dressed in a traditional uniform. You should note that we have a few modern cars in our fleet. These ones generally fall in the minibus and taxi categories. Even though these are modern cars, they will still be driven by a chauffeur.

4. Which cars are suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs?

Many vintage cars were not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you might consider hiring one of our more modern cars, for example the London Taxi or the suave Lincoln Limousine. Many of these are equipped with ramps and have sufficient space for the storage of a wheelchair. If you would like to view our fleet to ensure your choice of car suits your individual needs, get in touch today!

5. Is there a mileage limit?

When making your request for our services, we ask you to enter the departure address, the reception address, and the ceremony address. We will be able to quickly calculate the mileage and charge you accordingly for the event. You can contact us for individual quotations regarding the mileage limit of your vehicle. Generally, you will be limited to a total daily mileage of 200 miles. Exceeding the limit will result in higher charges. Our mileage limits are quite generous, and you will not usually have any reason to exceed them.

6. Do I need to make a deposit?

To secure your chosen vintage car, bookings can be made months before your actual wedding day. To make a booking, you will have to send us a small deposit. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make your reservation until we receive the booking form and deposit. Once we receive the booking form, we will contact you. We have a customer service team made up of professionals who can guide you through the booking and payment process. For any more payment information, get in touch with a member of our team.

7. Do some vintage cars have no seat belts?

United Kingdom laws allow people to drive vintage cars without seat belts, specifically because the models were initially developed without these accessories. At the time of their development, the government did not require car manufacturers to install seat belts in the vehicles. You can, therefore, expect to see many vintage models without seat belts. This is standard practice and completely legal.

8. Does this affect who can be a passenger?

You should note that the lack of seat belts will mean that some people cannot ride in the vehicles. As per the United Kingdom laws, children under the age of three should not be driven in cars that do not have seat belts. If you have any children over the age of three, they will have to use the back seats of the vehicles. It will also be your responsibility to provide any booster seats or equipment. For more information, please contact us today but wherever possible, we have made sure to install working seat belts.

9. Can we decorate the cars with our wedding colours?

Many people like to personalise their wedding cars. Unfortunately, we do not allow our clients to modify the vehicles to match their wedding colours and themes. Our cars are decorated in neutral, attractive and luxurious colours which will coordinate well with any wedding theme. If you do prefer something louder, you might prefer Del Boy’s Reliant. We can liaise with you to coordinate your flowers and ribbon colours and feature them in your car for the day.

10. What does the chauffeur wear?

Our chauffeurs wear dedicated uniforms. They will always be smartly turned out and dressed to match the elegance and luxury of our classic and vintage cars.

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