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How To Stay Calm Before Your Wedding Day

As wedding industry professionals, our expert team at Abbey Rolls have seen it all and heard all the tales of panic and worry before the big wedding day. Our guide will help you calm your nerves and stay on top of planning your wedding; the most important things to remember are to stay organised, indulge a little (or a lot) on your special day and enjoy it!

Book In Advanced!

This is perhaps the biggest and best piece of advice for any bride planning their special day! Spend time collecting your ideas and gathering inspiration and then spread the planning process out, leaving plenty of time to ensure you are not let down by things you have got your heart set on, such as wedding car booking, venue or the all important hen party!

If you are getting married in peak wedding season (May – August), quality suppliers will be booked months, even years, in advanced! For your wedding car booking particularly, you might decide to book more than one car, so it will be imperative to reserve as early as possible to ensure everything is elegantly uniform.

Doing It Yourself

If you are handling more than just the planning yourself, the months running up to your special day can be especially stressful; full of everything from flower arranging, cooking and baking, folding, gluing and creating decorations to setting up a marquee on your own property.

Our top tip is to organise! We recommend creating a document or list of when you need to complete each task, for example, your decorations are not perishable like flowers and can be made and put away for safe keeping whilst you move on to other tasks. Go through all your vendors and anyone else your wedding is depending on (the venue, for example) and liaise with them on when you can start actioning your plans!

Most wedding vendors and suppliers are complete professionals; they know what they are doing and will be able to help you calm your anxiety before your wedding day. Ensuring you book experienced, reputable vendors, from wedding photographers to wedding car hire, will also minimise your pre-wedding jitters. Remember to review all services before you pay for them – look into photographer’s galleries, visit the venue or the cars in person to double check that everything is as advertised and perfect for your day!

As a bombarded bride to be, it’s easy to get lost in your wedding, especially as the date looms closer. Another top tip would be to incorporate wedding planning with other aspects of your life – get your loved ones involved in the process and turn making decorations or baking into a social experience altogether.

Organise Your Timeline

On the day before your wedding, it is a great idea to write out a timeline of your day. Not only will this help get you excited, the act of physically writing it out will help calm your mind and clarify your schedule. Whilst you’re doing this, contact anyone that your day depends on – make up artists, hairdressers, chauffeurs, etc. to reconfirm times.

Make The Most Of Your Wedding Car

On the morning of your wedding, after all the prep, pampering (and a glass of prosecco) is out of the way, it will be time to make your way to your venue – finally! It is well worth hiring a private wedding car! Organising your wedding car hire Surrey booking to arrive in ample time before your wedding is scheduled to begin will enable you to take a relaxing breather on your journey. This time will allow you time to collect your thoughts and prepare you for your special day in the peace of a chauffeured wedding car. It will inspire clarity and help you stay calm on your wedding day, as well as ensuring you arrive in style!

If you have never thought about hiring a chauffeured wedding car before or have no idea where to begin, get in touch for a quote or guidance today. You can also view all our locations on our website – we serve some of the best venues in the UK!

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